8 simple tricks to fight flaccidity

8 simple tricks to fight flaccidity

8 simple tricks to fight flaccidity
The body flaccidity is produced by the loss of tone and firmness of the skin and muscle tissue , mainly due to the decrease in elastin and collagen. These substances are responsible for providing elasticity, firmness and resistance to our skin.

While the flaccidity of the skin is caused by the aging process, the flaccidity of the muscular tissue has its origin mainly in a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise.

The abdomen, thighs, buttocks and the inner side of the arms are some of the body areas most susceptible to flaccidity. In addition to the passage of time and the natural aging process, sudden changes in weight, hormonal changes, sun exposure, poor diet or smoking are some of the factors that cause the loss of body firmness.
A problem that becomes a nightmare for many men and women when the good weather arrives and you have to show the silhouette and show a firm and smooth face.
In addition to the many aesthetic treatments that exist in the market, there are some tricks and recommendations that we can apply and perform daily to combat flaccidity and keep skin smooth and firm.
Maintain a good hydration , drinking at least two liters of water a day.
Avoid sudden changes in weight , which favor the appearance of flaccidity.
– Beware of the sun , since doing it in excess damages the collagen and elastin fibers.
Bet on a healthy diet and eat a diet rich in proteins, fruits and vegetables.
– Avoid sedentary lifestyle and practice physical activities , which will allow you to have a stronger muscle.
– Make firming and draining massages , which will help us fight flaccidity and also favor the reduction of volume.
Keep the skin hydrated with specific creams , as they will provide elasticity.
– Avoid repeated gestures that often contribute to flaccidity, such as resting the hand on the cheek.

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