4 plants that fight depression

4 plants that fight depression

4 plants that fight depression
The phytotherapy can help against depressive outbreaks when they are in a very early phase and can even relieve the slight depressions that prevent normal life. But it also offers good support if you only need to improve your mood.

1. Hypericum

Why it’s useful: one of its active ingredients, hypericin, increases serotonin levels, which improves mood and emotional balance. It also combats mild anxiety, insomnia and apathy.
Try it this way: in simple infusion or with plants that reinforce it, like Korean ginseng and guarana. But it is more effective in dry extract, capsules or tablets (from 0.5 to 1 mg per day of hypericin), in treatments of at least 8 weeks.

2. Eleutherococcus

Why it is useful: it stimulates the central nervous system, helps adapt to stress and relieves fatigue.
Try it this way: 2 capsules of 300 mg per day or 15-30 drops of fluid extract per day, in two doses.

3. Guarana

Why it is useful: as exciting, it improves asthenia and demotivation.
Try it this way: in powder, up to 2 g daily, mixed with soy yogurt or a juice. Avoid at night.

4. Essence of bergamot

Why it’s useful: its tonic effect combats sadness and irritability.

Try it like this: in the bath or in a gentle massage on the forehead, temples, neck, chest and arms. Just a few drops, which you must apply every day.

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