23 healthy meals that you should know to cook

23 healthy meals that you should know to cook

1. A creamy avocado toast.

A toast with avocado is basically the easiest thing to do in the world, plus it is good for you thanks to the abundant content of Omega-3 avocado. But it tastes so exquisite that you’ll feel like you’re cheating life when you eat one. By the way, it is also very elegant .
simple avocado toast is just toast (whole grain, for more fiber and nutrients) + avocado (sliced ​​or pureed) + sea salt + red pepper. But that’s just the beginning since you can add egg on top or a bit of good olive oil. You can also try this one with avocado + feta cheese + pomegranate toast to achieve a sweet and tasty combination. The options are endless. Go crazy. Break free.

2. Nutritious oatmeal

Hot oatmeal on a cold morning is a must for winter survival.You can make it on the stove, in the microwave or in a slow cooker In warm weather, you can make oatmeal in the fridge overnight without moving a finger.

3. A green salad that will leave you satisfied

If you think that salads are for rabbits, you have not found the right one yet. A few tips: use fresh vegetables and consider that anything canned should be a complement and not the main ingredient so you do not end up with a withered and sad salad. If you want it to be a complete meal, add a little protein such as meat, eggs, beans and nuts. Make sure you make a good mix of crunchy ingredients such as raw cabbage, cucumber or nuts, and some soft ones like tomatoes, cooked vegetables or beans.
The most important step is to make your own delicious homemade dressing (and healthier). A simple Dijon mustard vinaigrette always works, but also feel free to try something more risky . If you’re looking for a complete recipe that inspires you, try this salad with kale and Brussels sproutsor with this Asian chicken salad .

4. Soft HUMMUS

Hummus (chickpea puree) is basically the perfect food because it is full of protein and fiber. You can spread carrots or celery with it when you’re looking for a healthy snack, or spread it on a sandwich instead of using mayonnaise. You can also spread it on your finger and eat it alone.
To make it yourself, just place a few basic ingredients (chickpeas, pasta made with sesame seeds, garlic, lemon juice and salt) in the blender and try them. Get here the recipe for the extra-smooth classic hummus, a version with toasted red pepper here or a recipe for a powerful protein source with a hummus with edamame,

5. A large pot of VEGETABLE SOUP

When it’s cold outside, a large pot of hot soup is literally the most beautiful thing in the world. You can do it only with vegetables or add proteins like chicken or beans . This recipe is made mostly with vegetables but use a little bit of bacon and Parmesan crust for flavor.
But you really do not need a recipe. You can only chop any vegetable you have on hand and sauté it in olive oil in a large pot with the seasoning you choose.Add a can of drained beans and sauté one or two more minutes. Add broth and bring it to the boiling point. Lower the temperature to simmer, cover and let cook approximately 20 minutes.Serve it in bowls (large) and enjoy it.

6. Crispy roasted veggies

Roasting vegetables is one of the easiest and safest ways to cook them. Turn your oven to 450 ° F (232 ° C). Chop your vegetables, the hardest ones (like carrots and potatoes) cut them into smaller pieces than soft vegetables (like broccoli and pumpkin). Place them all with a little olive oil and kosher salt. Spread them on one or two baking trays. Do not pile them up! Serve between 30 and 40 minutes, or until they look good and taste good.

7. Basic QUINOA

You do not need to be a health fan to love quinoa. This small seed has many proteins and the flavor is subtle enough to accompany virtually any dish. Be sure to rinse the quinoa before cooking it to remove the bitter taste. After that, place it in a saucepan, add twice the amount of water or broth you have quinoa, and bring to a boil with medium high heat. Lower the temperature to medium-low heat, cover, let it cook for 15 or 20 minutes, or until the water has been consumed. Remove the pan from the heat and let it rest for 5 minutes with the lid on, before removing it and moving it gently.

8. An easy SOFRITO

A sofrito is what you do when you want something hot, healthy and fast. It should not be complicated. The sofritos are great with lean meats or tofu. (Tofu takes a little more time because you have to get rid of excess moisture, but it is healthy, it is an economical substitute for meat. Whatever you decide to incorporate, the basic idea is the same: brown the proteins, sauté the vegetables over high heat and add sauce at the end. Serve over brown rice or alone.


Standard chili requires ground beef, but the truth is that you do not need it. The beans will do the protein work well without adding any saturated fat to the party.And it definitely prepares a sufficient quantity because the chili freezes very well. 

10. A stuffed vegetarian FRITTATA

Frittatas are useful on many occasions, including when you have to make breakfast for a large number of people because you can use the leftovers of vegetables and prepare a dish that you will eat for days. Frittatas can be prepared with whatever vegetable you have available, so use the recipes as a guide instead of following them to the letter. You are not obliged to use cheese (this onion and potato frittata does not have cheese), but if you use it, goat cheese is the best because it has much less calories and fats than other cheeses. Use it with mushrooms and herbs or with artichokes and leeks .

11. A healthy bowl of PASTA

Do not believe anyone who tells you that pasta can not be healthy. Of course it can be. And those who deny themselves the pleasure of eating pasta, do not live their lives to the fullest. First, it uses whole wheat pasta because, like brown rice, it has more nutrients and fiber. Second, add MANY vegetables and some healthy protein.
Try this whole rigatoni with roasted vegetables and pine nuts, or this linguine with shrimp, olives and dehydrated tomatoes . You can also modify your favorite recipes to make them healthier. Try preparing this fusilli with roasted broccoli and cauliflower with whole-grain noodles with half the pasta and cheese and twice as many vegetables.

12. CHICKEN TO THE GRILL that is not boring

The grilled chicken is easy to make and it is also a meat low in fat and healthy, although it has a bad reputation because it is tasteless. The key is to combine the chicken with strong and interesting flavors. If you have the time (and so you have foreseen), decide for a marinade. You will have the opportunity to adventure with a free style with these useful tricks, or use a recipe like this grilled chicken with caramelized onion sauce. But you can also decide in an instant for a delicious grilled chicken, like this grilled chicken with garlic and rosemary next to some onions.

13. A super SMOOTHIE

Smoothies are an easy and delicious way to condense many nutrients at once. Whether it’s a green detox smoothie , a seasonal fruit smoothie or a very simple three-ingredient smoothie , the key is to make sure you have combination of fruits and proteins, so that it is well balanced AND tasty.
Feel free to have fun with the liquid that you add. The water is magnificent but also the normal milk or its substitutes. But do not pay attention to the recipes that ask you to add sugar, be careful with the juices that are usually high in sugar and protein powder, since sometimes high levels of toxins such as arsenic, cadmium and lead have been found in it. .


The chips made with kale were fashionable for a while, but they are almost the only chips that are not made with potatoes that can be baked and that we can consider delicious and crunchy. Basically just put a little oil and salt on thin strips of vegetables and baked. It is not very difficult, but it is very delicious! Get here many ways to prepare vegetarian snacks with less oil and able to satisfy your cravings for something crispy and salty.


Keeping some leafy greens in your refrigerator at all times is a surefire way to make sure you always have a garnish for dinner. Leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are some of the healthiestvegetables that exist, full of protein, vitamins and fiber.
Sautéing leafy greens is as simple as heating a little vegetable oil in a pan, add the chopped leafy vegetables and seasoning to taste. If you want something a bit fancy, start with a little garlic, shallot or onion before adding leafy greens.This will work for spinach, kale, Swiss chard, mustard greens or almost anything you find.

16. CORN POPPIES homemade

When you crave a salty snack, homemade popcorn is the perfect solution. Prepare them is super easy, you can season them at your leisure and they are healthier and cheaper than those of the cinema or those that come to prepare in the microwave. In this recipe for popcorn for a stove, sprinkle some water on the popcorn instead of melted butter and sprinkle with salt.
Once you master the basics, feel free to spice them up with different flavors. And if you love snacks, consider making space in your kitchen to place a hot air machine to make popcorn.

17. An easily improvised GRAIN SALAD

Most of us listen to “salad” and think of “lettuce”, but the use of grains as a base can be healthy, it will leave you satisfied and it is also a good way to use all the leftover brown rice that you accidentally left of your food. last night. Include any vegetables, cheese, beans or meat that you have on hand and cover them with your favorite homemade dressing. This lovely curry salad is delicious as is this summer salad with quinoa , lentils and feta cheese, but do not hesitate to improvise with anything you have in the refrigerator.

18. A tasty roasted or grilled FISH

It is high in protein but also low in fat, which makes it an excellent alternative to pork or red meat. White meat fish such as tilapia are especially low in fat, while fatty fish such as salmon have a high concentration of Omega-3. However, some fish have higher concentrations of mercury than others and many species are endangered due to overfishing. The Council for the Defense of National Resources has information here to help you make the best choice in your purchases.

Even though choosing fish is not easy, cooking it can always be super simple. One of the easiest and healthiest ways is to bake it on parchment paper , but roasting it on the grill is another easy option for when you want something quick and crispy. To make a quick and easy marinade, try mixing oil, soy sauce, garlic, Dijon mustard and chives in proportions according to your taste. (The more mustard, more spicy, the more soy sauce, more salty, etc.) This will basically work with everything


You can eat chips without betraying your arteries; just bake them instead of frying them. Also: do not remove the shell. There is a ton of nutrients in it. (Well, yes, they are essentially roast potatoes, but the thin wedge shape is really what makes the difference!)


One of the biggest obstacles to eating more healthy food is cooking more healthy food. Sometimes you simply do not have the time or the energy, and that is the reason why God created the slow cooker. These pots cook things slowly and with plenty of liquid, which means that you will not need so much fat to make your food taste delicious. You only throw out all the ingredients in the morning, press a button and return home later to find a hot and healthy meal. Try this enchilada chicken soup , a root vegetable stew or a Provençal chicken .
Do not you like stews? Try making this lazy quinoa lasagna or, if you’re willing to spend a few more minutes with a frying pan, try this risotto of barley and mushrooms .

21. A well-balanced FRUIT SALAD

There are plenty of ways to prepare a great fruit salad, but it takes a little more time than just throwing a bunch of fruit in a bowl and hoping for the best. The first thing is that you need good fruit. Choose fruits in season. Second, be aware of the combination of fruits because putting more fruit does not necessarily mean that it will be better. Third, add a simple but delicious dressing. A safe formula for a dressing: citrus juice + fresh grass + honey or syrup

22. CHOCOLATE PUDÍN low in sugar

The chocolate … is … amazing. Do not deprive yourself, just learn to enjoy it in healthier ways than with a chocolate bar “Snickers”. Chocolate pudding is the perfect solution because there are many ways for you to do it (secretly) and make it good for you. Try making this pudding of chocolate and avocado when you do not have much time, these rates of sparkling chocolate if you want to fool someone (or yourself) to eat tofu or a chocolate pudding with chia seeds and dates if you are looking for something a little fashionable.

23. A refreshing FRUIT SORBETE

When it’s hot outside, the dessert should be cold, but nobody said it had to be a creamy ice cream. Making sorbets is a perfect way to use fresh fruit that is out of date (or whatever you have in the freezer)

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