11 natural care for the chest and neckline

11 natural care for the chest and neckline

11 natural care for the chest and neckline

Improve certain habits and moisturize this area well with natural cosmetics helps to keep the skin soft and young.

Breast care begins at the neck and at the neckline , one of the most sensual areas of women. Both, because of the skin they have and because they are very exposed, they manifest like no other part of the body the passage of time. Fortunately, with minimal care can achieve spectacular results.

Respect the unique nature of the skin in each area of ​​your body

The skin of the neck and neck is very thin and delicate and lacks sebaceous glands, so special attention must be paid to moisturizing it Wrinkles tend to be marked more the more dry the skin is, which gets worse over the years.
With age, collagen fibers are also disordered . And, despite receiving almost the same solar radiation as the skin, it is not usually protected from the sun so often. That’s why spots appear, especially after summer.
On the other hand, the neck tends more to sagging than other areas because of its vertical position and can accumulate fat in the chin area.

In the case of breasts , they lack muscles or ligaments that fix them and suffer size variations due to hormonal action (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, lactation, menopause). If this is added to over the years, they lose turgor and tend to fall.

Tips to improve your appearance

You can follow some tips that improve the aesthetics of this area:
  1. Walk with an upright posture .
  2. Attend to the posture looking for, for example, the optimal height of the computer screen so as not to force the neck.
  3. Toning , for which it is ideal to finish the shower with cold water in these areas.
  4. Extend the photoprotection to all areas that are exposed to the sun.
  5. Practice sports such as swimming or basketball to strengthen the chest and neck muscles.
  6. Choose a bra of the correct size and wide strap so that it holds well, without undercuts that press on the chest.
  7. Exfoliate the skin once a week to oxygenate it , favor the absorption of other cosmetic products and leave it more beautiful and smooth.
  8. Draw circles with the head or deny with it to tone the neck.
  9. When sleeping avoid crushing the breasts , for example in the side stance.
  10. For the neckline this exercise is done : with the fists closed on the chest, bring the elbows back to the breast.
  11. The neckline should be taken care of throughout the year, also in the months when it remains hidden.

  12. Specific cosmetics for each area

    Although to simplify the use of facial products, cosmetics specific to this area usually act faster.
    The natural cosmetics contains no parabens preservatives, which have been linked to breast cancer. Hence, it should be preferred for this area.
    On the neckline you can use natural oils, such as almond, argan or jojoba . Not only do they nourish and moisturize this skin, which is itself hydrated, but also make it look more attractive. In fact some incorporate golden particles, also natural, to fan this effect.
    Once a week it is advisable to apply a nourishing mask that contains antioxidant substances, such as oil of sea buckthorn or carrot, or tensioners, such as African Kigelia.
  13. How to prepare a mask for the neck area

    • 1 teaspoon of honey
    • 5 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
    • 2 drops of rosemary essential oil
    1. Mix all ingredients
    2. Spread it on the neckline with circular movements of the fingers.
    3. Repeat once a week.

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